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The purpose of starting CASINDIA.ORG is to bring to you all the government schemes, education, and related news. We publish articles daily on the above topics for you, and we hope that you are finding the articles written by us both likable and useful.

Articles are written about all the schemes being run by the Government of India as well as those run by the state governments, and this information is shared with all of you.

In addition, information related to the field of education such as results, job vacancies, courses, etc., is also updated here so that all of you can get timely information related to education.

Moreover, we try to acquaint you with some of the latest daily news so that you can be informed about what is happening in the country and the world from time to time.

You can also contact us, for which we have fully operationalized the contact page. If you want to give any suggestions or have any complaints, you can contact us through the contact page. We welcome both your suggestions and complaints.