About Us

COUNCIL FOR ADVANCED STUDIES, (CAS) is a registered charitable society working in India since 2002 to achieve integration through empowerment.Education at present is losing its humanistic face with the advent of a neo – liberal culture which pays scant regard to values. The need of the hour is to put the educational system back on track. Schools and colleges should grow beyond being agencies churning out professionally skilled hands. They should be centres where highest human values are imbibed.

CAS seeks to promote a new education culture by imparting moral and ethical values among the youth. The work is carried out in such a way that the agencies involved in the process are persuaded to bring about a change in their moral outlook. Also, awareness programmes are planned to equip both the students and adults to respond creatively to issues such as corruption, communalism, violence and the like gripping contemporary society. The organization dreams of a situation where the academically qualified, professionally equipped and morally upright citizens helping the nation earn higher status in the international community.